Coin98 Titans - Coin98 Global Ambassador

Are you willing to help build massive and devoted communities for Coin98 Ecosystem? Apply to become a Coin98 Titan and join our family.

Coin98 Titans - Coin98 Global Ambassador

Founded in a small condo in early 2017, Coin98 strives to be one of the forces in the Crypto-verse. In the Labs of Coin98, we focus on creating & developing an ecosystem of DeFi protocols, applications on multiple blockchains, and thus, seek to become a renowned DeFi brand. Coin98 Wallet - one of Coin98’s flagships - now reaches 500,000+ downloads with over 220 million USD trading volume in 2021, and is still growing strong.

Bearing in mind the everlasting mission of making blockchain and DeFi services accessible to everyone, we believe that a strong and engaging community would play a vital role in the project development. This led us to the search for Coin98 Titans - active supporters of our project - who are bold, determined and fearless, who can act as a solid bridge between Coin98 and our communities around the world !!!

If you feel like standing strong by Coin98’s side, let’s go through a typical checklist of a Titan.

What we look for in a Coin98 Titan

  • An enthusiastic and motivated person who can show how much he is passionate about the Coin98 Ecosystem and the team
  • Interested in the future of DeFi and willing to learn about different blockchains
  • Ready, capable, and motivated to nurture awareness about Coin98 as well as help connect Coin98 to people all around the world. Thus the Titans must be well versed in using  Coin98 Products: Wallet, Exchange, Portfolio, etc
  • As Coin98 seeks to go Global, being proficient in English is inevitable. Other languages is a plus
  • Prior experience in building blockchain or community-based projects is preferred. (Not compulsory but preference will be given to the individuals who have experience)

So what does an ideal C98 Titan do?

  • Be engaged and friendly to all members/ users
  • Be able to educate and assist users about our products in different communities (not only Official Coin98 communities but others as well) across multiple platforms (Telegram, Twitter, Discord)
  • Support online and offline events for Coin98 communities
  • Be willing to create your own content about the Coin98 Ecosystem

Benefits of becoming a Coin98 Titan

  • Exclusive skin-in-the-game within a fast-paced, innovative DeFi start-up
  • Active discussions regarding ambassador's feedback, ideas, and suggestions for global expansion initiatives
  • Opportunity to grow ambassadors’ personal network
  • Opportunity to interact with members from the Coin98 team
  • Receive exclusive badge of honor once committed to being an official ambassador
  • Coin98 unique Swag Packages


A Titan will be disqualified under any of the following circumstances:

  • Failing to actively cooperate with and assisting Coin98 in producing content as well as engaging the various communities
  • Submitting copyrighted data; publishing content against community value
  • Instant disqualification for those conducting suspicious or fraudulent activities with Coin98 users under any circumstances, including but not limited to DM-ing users first, asking for passphrases, false airdrops or announcements,...

The Coin98 Titan Selection Process

Step 1: Fill in the application form

If you are interested in becoming a Coin98 Titan, please fill in this application.

Step 2: Coin98 team screening

Once we receive the response, your application will be under review by core team members.

Step 3: Apprenticeship Challenge Period

The candidate will go through a two-week test period, where they will be allowed to demonstrate their enthusiasm as a Coin98 Titan.

Step 4: Getting on board!

Once a candidate passes the two-week test period, they will officially start their Coin98 Titan journey.

If you are interested, don’t hesitate to go through the details and fill out the application form. Don’t miss the chance to be a Coin98 Titan. Apply now!!!


  • This is an unpaid, volunteer position.
  • All support, the discussion will take place in Coin98 communities. Personal DMs are not under Coin98 administration.
  • Please send any content draft to the Coin98 team before publishing. Coin98 has the right to share ambassador’s content through our social media channels.
  • Quality of work and engagement will carry more weight in terms of benefits.
  • Coin98 reserves the right to amend the benefit rules or cancel the reward at any time.
  • All decisions from Coin98 are final decisions and will be effective immediately.