Coin98 Pool on Solend is back with 150,000 C98 incentives!

Coin98 Pool on Solend is back with 150,000 C98. Deposit and earn today!

Coin98 Pool on Solend is back with 150,000 C98 incentives!

With fascinating incentives, the Coin98 Isolated Pool is spurring up on Solend. The new stablecoin basket consists of USDH, UXD, USH, PAI, and USDC. Deposit today and earn!


Coin98 Isolated Pool

USH has just been added to the pool, bringing users more crypto assets to lend them out for yield as well as use them as collateral to borrow others. Especially, the Coin98 Isolated Pool is now more tempting than ever with the new incentives of up to 150,000 C98.

The Coin98 Pool reserves C98 and a basket of stablecoins, namely, USDH, UXD, USH, PAI, and USDC.

Besides earning the supply APR, users can now earn external rewards with a juicy APY. Here is the rewards’ breakdown of the Coin98 pool:

This program starts at 00:00 July 20th (UTC), and will be running for 3 months.

What are you waiting for? Maximize your rewards with us today

How to join the Coin98 Isolated Pool

Please ensure to download Coin98 Extension or Coin98 Super App with a Solana wallet ready to enjoy a seamless experience.


Connect with Solend

Step 1: Go to the Solend website at:

Step 2: Choose Coin98 in the Connect Wallet section at the top right corner.

Step 3: Confirm the connection in the pop-up notification.

Lending on Solend

Step 1: Enter All Pools and choose Coin98 Pool.

Step 2: Choose your preferred crypto assets, enter the amount you wish to deposit and click Supply.

Step 3: Click Sign to confirm.

Borrowing on Solend

Step 1: Choose the asset you want to borrow.

Step 2: Enter the amount you want to borrow and click Borrow.

Step 3: Click Sign to confirm.

Learn more about the detailed instruction here.

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