Coin98 Integrates Kroma, Transforming User Interaction with Ethereum Layer 2

Coin98 Integrates Kroma, Transforming User Interaction with Ethereum Layer 2

We’re thrilled to welcome Kroma, an Ethereum L2 solution, into the latest versions of the Coin98 Super Wallet and Coin98 Extension. This integration now enables Coin98 users to easily create Kroma wallets and dive into its vibrant world of dApps.

Kroma is the first OP Stack rollup with a fault-proof system. Currently operating as an Optimistic rollup with ZK fault proofs using zkEVM based, Kroma aims to eventually transition to a ZK rollup once the generation of ZK proofs becomes more cost-efficient and faster. Offering lower transaction fees compared to the Ethereum mainnet, Kroma maintains native Ethereum security and EVM equivalence. What sets Kroma apart is its roadmap for transitioning from Optimistic to ZK rollup and its commitment to decentralization, evident in the introduction of a permissionless validator and challenge system.

As a leading multi-chain wallet, Coin98 prioritizes meeting users' demands for taking advantage of various blockchain networks, while ensuring their convenience and security. The integration with Kroma reinforces this commitment and represents a significant stride towards achieving this goal. Coin98 users can now effortlessly create a Kroma wallet and manage their crypto assets and NFTs directly from Coin98 Super Wallet. For those eager to delve into a new gaming era on Layer 2, exploring the Kroma ecosystem is made simple. With over 100 thriving games, users can engage in authentic gaming experiences with real players within the blockchain gaming space.

In response to the evolving demands of the crypto market, Coin98 strives to continually support an extensive array of blockchains. This strategy aims to broaden our footprint across promising landscapes, connecting our valued users to the dynamic and evolving future of the multi-chain ecosystem.

How to create a Kroma wallet on Coin98

Before beginning, you will need to install or update Coin98 to the latest version:



We recommend you create a multi-Chain wallet on the Coin98 Super App to easily manage and access all blockchain wallets with only one Passphrase.

If you are already a Coin98 user, please choose Active Chains on the main screen, search for Kroma and activate it.

Follow these step-by-step instructions to create a totally new multi-chain wallet:

Step 1: Click on the icon New Wallet on WALLETS tab.

Step 2: At the top right corner, choose Hot Wallet and click Continue

Step 3: Click-on Multi-Chain then Create!

About Coin98 Super Wallet

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