Coin98 Wallet integrates Parrot Finance to expand into Solana Ecosystem

Coin98 Wallet integrates Parrot Finance to expand into Solana Ecosystem

Coin98 Wallet has integrated with Parrot Finance, a non-custodial lending market built on Solana, as a first step to give our users access to the rapidly growing Solana Ecosystem.

Coin98 Wallet is the first decentralized wallet that supports Solana DApps with top-tier security. We constantly seek authentic protocols that have great use cases while prioritizing the safety of our users’ digital assets. Parrot Finance is one of these rising projects, being the second-place winner in the Solana Hackathon and among the firsts to launch their mainnets on Solana. Parrot Finance enables users to collateralize multiple assets for the stablecoin PAI, while also vertically integrating borrowing/lending markets. In the upcoming weeks, Parrot will launch  USDC-PAI stable pools in collaboration with two new low-slippage AMMs: Saber and Mercurial Finance.

By integrating with Parrot Finance, nearly 300,000 Coin98 Wallet users will have access to the multiple capital-efficient tools on Parrot. The Coin98 Extension Wallet will be integrated with Parrot Finance’s website, while the Coin98 Mobile Wallet will support Parrot’s mobile DApps.

Coin98 Wallet will give a new set of wings for this Parrot to fly higher on Solana and the DeFi world. Both parties will be collaborating closely to move forward together, fulfilling our mutual mission of expanding DeFi globally.

About Parrot Finance

Built on the Solana blockchain network, Parrot Finance is a non-custodial lending market that uses the stablecoin PAI. Parrot Finance seeks to leverage locked LP tokens by making their value accessible through its highly efficient liquidity and lending network.

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About Coin98 Wallet

Coin98 Wallet is a non-custodial wallet used to store, manage, trade, swap multi-chain, multi-source digital assets. It supports the most popular chains, including BTC, ETH, TOMO, Tron, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Polkadot, Kusama, Huobi ECO Chain, Near, Avalanche, Binance Chain, Celo, Band, Kava, Cosmos, Thor, Fantom, Polygon, Persistence. Coin98 Wallet has both the Mobile App and the Extension version that act as a gateway, connecting users to the DeFi world.

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