The Next Level of X-Point

From Coin98 Super App V12.3, we enable you to convert X-Point to C98 for more privileges as loyal Coin98 users.

The Next Level of X-Point

From Coin98 Super App V12.3, we enable you to convert X-Point to C98 for more privileges as loyal Coin98 users.

Have hundreds of thousands of X-Point accumulated? Update your Coin98 and convert today!

Available on both Android and iOS:

Converting usership into real value

Users are precious to a product. With user-centric development from the beginning, Coin98 consistently puts effort into building a solid relationship with you. By doing so, users not only benefit from a smooth and seamless DeFi experience with Coin98 but also achieve appreciation when using our products.

Then we came up with ideas about a way to engage millions of people with unique rewards and perks, recapture that insight and turn them into tangible presents back to the community. The X-Point rewards system was specifically created for this.

We leverage X-Point to motivate users, particularly new ones, to explore other Coin98 Super App features. At the same time, we have the opportunity to thank you for using and supporting Coin98 through the X-Point system.

With the launch of X-Point Conversion, we will formally replace the payment process of the Partner Program. We believe this upgrade will give our Partners freedom to easily earn with Coin98 as the best form of affiliate program.

Learn more about X-Point.

Release the X-Point Conversion

What is it?

The most recent version of the Coin98 Super App (V12.3) includes a feature called X-Point Conversion that allows users to convert X-Point to C98 tokens right on their mobile device.

How much can be converted?

There are 4 main packages with different amounts of X-Point. You can choose a suitable package depending on the number of X-Point you own.

The conversion rate is set at a flexible ratio, which can be updated during the market period. At present, 1 X-Point is equivalent to 0.005 C98; the detailed conversion package is as follows:

Once C98 has been converted, users can easily earn more C98 by farming on Saros, Solend, staking on the Coin98 Staking, or doing other tasks. These are additional methods by which C98 holders can cultivate C98 for a long-term strategy. As an alternative, users can use the Native Swap to swap C98 natively to other cryptocurrencies.

How to convert X-Point to C98

Firstly, ensure you have already updated Coin98 Super App to the latest version (V12.3).

  • iOS:
  • Android:

After updating, you can open the app and start converting your X-Point.

Step 1: Choose the More section

Step 2: At the Earn tab, click Convert X to C98

Step 3: At this interface, you need to:

  • Choose a BEP20 wallet to hold C98 (if needed)
  • Select your preferred package
  • Adjust the amount of each package by tapping the [+]/ [-] icon
  • Click Convert
  • Enter your verification code received via email.
  • Choose Confirm to be done!

Your C98 will be distributed to the Vault. Please check its status by clicking the history icon on the top right of the screen.

How to claim your reward on Coin98 Vault

More to come

This X-Point Conversion is only our first big upgrade.

We plan to build a Rewards Hub (X-Store) to give users even more ways to enjoy a wide range of in-app activities, rewards redeem, or other valuable applications.

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How can I get X-Point?

Using the Native Swap feature on Coin98 Super App, you can earn X-Point. Each swap will make you a specific amount of X-Point.

Plus, you can invite friends to Coin98. When your friends swap tokens natively on the app, you also can receive X-Point. More details here.

Does Coin98 charge fees when converting?

Coin98 doesn’t charge any fees when you convert X-Point to C98.

Which is the C98 standard after converting?

They are BEP20 token standards on BNB Chain.

How long will the conversion process take?

It takes a few minutes for the conversion process to complete and your C98 will be distributed to the Vault for claiming later.

The system needs a little time to conduct after every conversion; please wait a minute for the subsequent turns.

How many X-Point packages can I convert once?

For the first 2 packages (10,000 X & 100,000 X), you can convert up to 9 packages simultaneously.

For the last 2 packages (1,000,000 X & 10,000,000 X), you can only convert 1 package/ times.

The maximum X-Points allowed to convert is 10,000,000 X in a day.

Can I send X-Point to other wallets?

Till now, Coin98 doesn’t allow you to transfer X-Point to another.

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