A new wave of Coin98 Farming Pools is now available on SarosFarm!

We are eager to continue the massive success of Coin98 Farming's release on SarosFarm. Start earning C98 today!

A new wave of Coin98 Farming Pools is now available on SarosFarm!

Visit: https://saros.finance/farm.

Coin98 Farming Pools information

We offer 6 new unique C98 farming pools on SarosFarm, including C98/USDC, C98/SOL, C98/PAI, C98/UXD, C98/USH, and C98/USDH, with details as below:

LP Farming Pool 

Reward (in $C98)













According to the estimation for the Solana block, C98 farming pools will occur from July 11 to August 11, 2022.

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How to farm LP tokens on SarosFarm

Please ensure you already have Coin98 Extension or Coin98 Super App with a Solana wallet ready.

Download: https://coin98.com/wallet

Add liquidity to get LP tokens

You need to add liquidity with your preferred token pair before farming. Let’s follow those steps:

Step 1: Click Connect Wallet on the top right of the screen.

Step 2: Choose Liquidity → Click Add Liquidity.

Step 3: Select a token pair with your desired amount.

Step 4: Click Supply. All done!

See detailed instructions here.

Farm LP Tokens on SarosFarm

After adding liquidity to Saros Pool, you can farm these LP tokens to earn more rewards.

Step 1: Access tab Farm via https://saros.finance/farm.

Step 2: On the Active tab in this interface, choose an LP token pool → Click Stake.

Step 3: Slide to choose your LP token amount and Stake to complete.

See the detailed instructions here.

Are you ready to deepen into C98 Farming Pools? Get started at https://saros.finance/farm.


  • There is no limitation in quantity; the more LP tokens you stake, the bigger reward you earn.
  • You can harvest your reward and withdraw your LP tokens at any time.
  • You need some SOL for network fees.

In the Coin98 ecosystem, users are centered, and your needs are prioritized. There has never been a better time for us to concentrate on creating and innovating the products while also improving the token utilities in a diversity of blockchains to grow in size and value. For $C98, there are still endless possibilities to explore. Stay tuned!

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