Coin98 Isolated Pool is now LIVE on Solend!

Coin98 Isolated Pool with 5 reserves C98/ UXD/ USDH/ UST/ PAI is now available on Solend. Deposit them as collateral to borrow money or lend them out for a high APR of up to 20%.

Coin98 Isolated Pool is now LIVE on Solend!

In our constant strive to unlock more utilities of C98 to the Solana space, we are thrilled to present the Coin98 Isolated Pool on Solend. This is our very first step in approaching various DeFi legos including but not limited to lending and borrowing markets, derivatives platforms, prediction markets, or more on-chain data protocols.

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What is Coin98 Isolated Pool?

The Coin98 pool contains C98 and a basket of stablecoins ( UXD/ USDH/ UST/ PAI).  More stablecoins will be added to this pool in the future.

Coin98 pool asset parameters
Coin98 pool asset parameters
  • C98 is the native utility token of the Coin98 DeFi platform, powering the entire ecosystem. C98 plays an important role in operating the Coin98 ecosystem, and at the same time brings profits to holders and rights for long-term development.
  • PAI is the native stablecoin of the Parrot Protocol and serves an instrumental purpose in the functionality of Parrot.
  • UXD is an algorithmic stablecoin of UXD Protocol, backed 100% by delta neutral position using derivatives.
  • USDH is an overcollateralized, 100% decentralized stablecoin of Hubble Protocol, fully backed by collateral assets deposited on the Hubble platform, and redeemable at face value.
  • UST is an algorithmic stablecoin on the Terra network. UST is pegged to the value of the U.S. dollar and is currently the biggest algorithmic stablecoin by market capitalization.

Users can now deposit them as collateral for loans against each other. The Coin98 Isolated pool can bring capital efficiency for users when LTV is pushed up to 65%.


The following incentives will be offered for lending the Coin98 pool:

Coin98 pool rewards
Coin98 pool rewards

These rewards will be available for 1 month, beginning 3 hours after the pool opens.

Coin98 Earn Social Campaign

Coin98, together with other projects in the pool will also host a series of exciting social giveaways with attractive rewards to celebrate this event with our users.

The tasks are simple as follows:

- Follow Coin98 Earn + project's Twitter account

- Like, retweet + tag 3 friends to the announcement post on Coin98 Earn's Twitter

- Comment your Coin98 Solana (SOL, SPL) wallet

Detailed guide: How to join Coin98 Isolated Pool.

We believe this is one of our cornerstones of rapidly growing Coin98 adoption across the multi-chain DeFi ecosystem, bringing greater value and opportunities to users. Prepare yourself for an explosion in the lending landscape of C98 on multichain!

Let's deposit C98 and Earn now:

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