Ancient8: Driving Mass Adoption of Blockchain Gaming in Vietnam

In the beginning, Ancient8 will grant 1000 Axie Infinity scholarships worth more than 1M USD, opening the blockchain gaming sector to many users in Vietnam.

Ancient8: Driving Mass Adoption of Blockchain Gaming in Vietnam

Coin98 Labs is launching Ancient8 - Vietnam’s Biggest Blockchain Gaming Guild to help people earn income during the pandemic, embrace GameFi, and drive the mass adoption of blockchain.

Pandemic and the rise of the play-to-earn trend

The pandemic in Vietnam has gotten worse since April 2021 and a new outbreak emerged in August. With the extended lockdown, many people have been put out of work, and a lot of people have been struggling to survive. This time concurred with the rise of the Play-To-Earn model, and Axie Infinity is leading the way. Axie Infinity has accelerated blockchain adoption while turning the pandemic jobless into the NFT traders, helped them earn alternative income, afford food, and essentials.

However, to play Axie Infinity, players need to buy digital pets upfront with a minimum of $1000. This requirement creates such a high entry barrier that should not be there, hence Ancient8 was born to address it.

In the beginning, Ancient8 will grant 1000 Axie Infinity scholarships worth more than 1M USD, opening the blockchain gaming sector to many users in Vietnam.

Meet Ancient8

Ancient8 is a Blockchain Gaming Guild that aims to embark more and more Vietnamese gamers to the Play-To-Earn and GameFi era. Ancient8 is the collaboration of Coin98 Labs, Kyros Ventures, Coin68 Media, with the support of individuals from FTX Exchange.

Aiming to be the biggest Blockchain Gaming Guild in Vietnam

As a Blockchain Gaming Guild powered by the leading names in the industry, Ancient8 strives to create a Free-To-Play(F2P) and Play-To-Earn (P2E) environment for millions of gamers and communities. Using folk tales such as Thanh Giong as design inspirations, Ancient8 attempts to encourage Vietnamese to take chances to overcome the pandemic and write a new chapter in the history of the GameFi revolution.

Vietnam is leading the global DeFi adoption, and now, with the acceleration of Ancient8, will GameFi be our subsequent dominance?

Action plan for more players, more games

Ancient8’s model is simple. We invest in P2E games and re-invest for continuous user growth. Ancient8 will focus on building the biggest GameFi community, expanding people’s knowledge, and onboarding players to the hottest blockchain games.

Ancient8 will buy NFTs and game assets then grant them as scholarships for gamers. The processes of awarding scholarships and sharing the revenue between the members (players, trainers) and the guild will be transparent and automated through our dashboard. Noble, earning from the guild will be re-invested in the games to create as many scholarships as possible.

Ancient8's Dashboard.

Built by the Vietnamese team for the Vietnamese community, Ancient8 also finds ways to give back to the community with charitable donations or collaboration with universities for educational scholarships.

Coin98’s next step to enter the Metaverse

Coin98 Labs officially opens the gateway to the Metaverse by integrating NFTs and GameFi since the mobile wallet version 10.2.0. In this new update, users can store, send, receive multi-chain NFTs and even play games directly on their wallets.

And now, with Ancient8, we push it to the next level. Ancient8 is the newest planet in the Coin98 Universe, which will support bootstrap Coin98 Wallet’s user base, fulfill our mission of driving blockchain mass adoption through the NFT and GameFi use case, and allow us to support the local community.

We will keep venturing and innovating in the blockchain space to contribute, create values and bring back all to the Coin98 Community.

Get started with Ancient8

At launch, Ancient8 grants 1000 Axie Infinity Scholarships worth more than 1M USD and opens the first trainer recruitment with huge benefits for Vietnamese gamers.

To become one of the first Captains of the Guild, let’s join our community and wait for our call 👉 Ancient8 Community 👈

Apart from Axie Infinity, we are exploring more potential games for the guild’s collection. Stay tuned!

About Ancient8

Ancient8 is Vietnam’s biggest Blockchain Gaming Guild built by Coin98 Labs, Kyros Ventures, Coin68 Media, and with the support of individuals from FTX. Ancient8 aims to recruit millions of gamers and communities into the GameFi, NFTs, and Play-To-Earn Era. Ancient8's scholars will not only have a chance to play the latest and trending blockchain games but also earn an income for their contribution to the future of the Metaverse.

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